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EX25 Events and Designs Team Members


Marketing & Promotions/Design Specialist from our TEAM SW Idaho region   Personal Assistant/Decor Specialist from our TEAM SW Idaho region   President and CFO from our TEAM SW Idaho region

Kris is responsible for making our brand unique and present on the Social Media platform.  He is not only our Social Media guru tech, but Kris has an unbelievable creative side.  He is a powerhouse of skills and creativity.  Kris' creations are simply out of this world!  A very young and exciting personality, he brings very fresh and timeless ideas to our creative scope.


Amelia connects the whole team together with her Administrative skills.  Very efficient and is very much like our walking organizer!  She is a tireless worker and very pleasant and people friendly.


William is the husband of the founder and CEO Dione.  William with his cautious and calculating nature, always manages to bring the design team back on the ground when they leave earth and hit design Nirvana in some other galaxy!  A very realistic, level-headed and practical person who is not afraid to whip out the cost factor to bring sense and structure to the team.

Decor Specialist from our TEAM Kingston, Jamaica region.   Design/Decor Specialist from our TEAM Kingston, Jamaica region    

Another personal Protege of Dione, Tanique not only knows how to decorate for an event, but she understands the clients needs for placement logistics to maximize the best visual for their products.  Tanique has an extraordinary quality about her as a people-person.  She knows all the right connections in the industry to get the job done.


Curtis is our Master Design Specialist on our team in Jamaica.  He is a Protege of the CEO Dione and basically understands how to Engineer her most whackiest of ideas and to build and execute them into reality.  She only has to dream it and Curtis makes the dream come true.


Meet the EX25 team!.

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