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EX25 Events and Designs LLC

     A complete event production centre that provides mostly all the services needed to execute any event.  Their core team have been in the business of decor, design and production since 2002 and have worked both in the USA and overseas for reputable organizations and individuals.  EX25 currently operates businesses in Jamaica, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and most recently Idaho, their headquarters.

     In addition, EX25 provides website development and graphic design services.  You'll have everything you need to put your business on the internet effectively.

     No event or product is too small or too large for them.  Just bring your ideas and they will add creativity, logistics and flair and make your event a success.




    CEO and Founder of EX25 Events & Designs LLC, is passionate about design and she masters thinking outside of the box.  She is known to work a grand and over the top design that she created into even a tight budget. Dione is exceptional with theme designing as she believes every event should tell a complete story from her custom designed Invitations in the beginning to the Thank you cards at the end.  Therefore, you will begin experiencing the event the moment you receive the invitations.  Nothing typical or cookie cutter from her, she believes every client must always get a customized experience.

     Dione has been an Event Designer and planner since 2002.  She has planned many successful events from a Mega Music festival with over 10,000 in attendance, to a small backyard birthday party. She received her Accredited Certification in Special Events Designing from the Institute of Wedding & Event Design (IWED), and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree with both IWED and the Wedding & Event Institute in Event Planning and Design.

     Dione is currently married to William Nancolas and lives in Nampa, Idaho in the United States.


Meet the EX25 Team


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