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EX25 Events & Designs do many things in the scope of design.  Our most recent project which we have done for the second time, was to create a magazine for one of our top Non-Profit clients; the Prayer Works Evangelism Outreach Ministries (PWEOM).  So we created the name of the magazine; PhilanTrophy.  Designed the logo, and proceeded to design the full content of the magazine pages, including designing all the ads. 

It was an incredible feeling when we finally completed the 36 page magazine 4 weeks later and sent it to the Press.  It was even more incredible when the actual printed magazines were received by the client for the second time and to get the phone call from them saying "The first one was amazing, but this second one is incredible!"

It appears we topped the previous design with this second edition of the Spring themed magazine.  We look forward to the upcoming summer edition!

Take a look at the pages of the magazine here.

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